Awareness program regarding H-1B visa misuse


Awareness program regarding H-1B visa misuse come up in local metro stations and commuter trains in San Francisco and California, ahead of the work visa, which is popular among Indian IT professionals, filing season beginning in April.

The Progressives for Immigration Reform which has bought advertisements worth USD 80,000 for the San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit stations and trains, argues that their purpose is to create awareness about the misuse and abuse of the H-1B visa.

“This is to get exposure to the H-1B programme. And with that attention, with that visibility, begin conversations on the abuses of the programme what it was intended to be and what it has become,” Kevin Lynn, director of the Washington DC-based Progressive for Information Reform told PTI.

The campaign started on March 15, and would last till April 1. “Congress fixes H-1B law so companies must seek & hire US workers.”

These advertisements have been placed primarily at San Francisco’s Civic Center Station and Oakland’s 19th Street Stations with smaller numbers in other stations and in trains, BART said.

Lynn insisted that this is about to create awareness about the H-1B abuses and then fix those. “The responses receiving are amazingly positive,” he said, adding that there were some negative responses. Some of those mistakenly thought that this was anti-immigrant.

Most of the H-1B visa holders hold a bachelor’s degree from a foreign university and 26 per cent of those have only an associate’s degree, he said.

“So, we’re not seeing the very talented people coming to the country, but we’re seeing people brought over to displace American workers,” he alleged.