E-Cigarettes May Promote Smoking Cessation, As Smokers Are Now Quitting Smoking


E-cigarettes may promote smoking cessation, according to the researchers after conducting a small research suggesting more explorations are required to resolve whether the devices can help put an end to the prevalence of smoking.

Researchers followed over 1300 smoking adults, who were hospitalized and reported to be intended for quitting smoking right after getting discharged from the hospital. All the participants were provided either with support services as usual care and medications recommendations helping them quit smoking, or the intervention giving them options to choose medications helping the same along with the automated phone calls informing about the encouragement and advice.

Leading author of the study, Sarah Windle from the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal said in a statement that, “These patients are at high risk for recurrent cardiovascular events (e.g., heart attacks, unstable angina, and mortality) if they continue to smoke.”

Observations of the research have been disclosed online in the medical journal – Annals of Internal Medicine. The review also added that after six months of the analysis, the participants who had used e-cigarettes observed to be less likely to end up smoking as compared to the people who hadn’t used the devices. However, the researchers claimed that this doesn’t show clearly that e-cigarettes can’t help people stop smoking.

Robert Reid from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute stated that, “Of the first-line treatments used for smoking cessation, which also include various forms of nicotine replacement therapy and the prescription medication bupropion, varenicline is the most effective.”