Fish oil capsules taken during pregnancy prevent allergies in children


Fish oil capsules taken during pregnancy prevents allergies in children, says a new research. After 20th week pregnancy, if the fish oil capsules are consumed on a daily basis up to the first three to four months of breastfeeding, the risk of allergy to develop an egg in children get reduced significantly by nearly 30 per cent.

The researchers from the Imperial College London have performed the study fueled by Food Standards Agency. The team explored data from over 400 studies that involved 1.5 million children with their mothers.

Dr Robert Boyle, a leading researcher from the Imperial College London stated that, “Food allergies and eczema in children are a growing problem across the world. Although there has been a suggestion that what a woman eats during pregnancy may affect her baby’s risk of developing allergies or eczema, until now there has never been such a comprehensive analysis of the data.”


Findings of the new research have been disclosed in the Public Library of Science, the online medical journal. However, the earlier researches have been suggesting that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil may damp down the overactive immune system.

Seif Shaheen, respiratory epidemiology professor from the Queen Mary University of London said that, “More definitive answers on the possible role of maternal probiotic and fish oil supplementation in the prevention of childhood allergic disease can only come from further large trials, which follow up the children to school age.”