Modern Humans Interbred With Denisovans – The Archaic Humans


Modern humans interbred with Denisovans, which is a species of the archaic humans, suggest a new study. The latest research has shown that the Homo sapiens or the humans in this modern era not just interbred and co-existed with the Neanderthals, but also they had intimated with the mysterious Denisovans. The team of researchers has found two different Denisovan episodes of genetic admixing or intermixing.

According to the findings obtained in the latest study, the modern humans or the Homo sapiens might have given birth to their children from the Denisovans for minimum two times in the entire history. However, the research team is not yet sure whether Denisovans are actually the human subspecies or the main species in the genus Homo.

Research professor, Sharon Browning from the University of Washington said in a statement that, “What was known already was that Oceanian individuals, notably Papuan individuals, have significant amounts of Denisovan ancestry. The genomes of modern Papuan individuals contain approximately 5 per cent Denisovan ancestry.”

A team of scientists announced the discovery of a finger bone sample, in 2010, which belonged to a young female at the Denisova cave located in Siberia, Russia. The finger bone fragment didn’t belong to either the Homo sapiens or the Neanderthals, so the scientists labeled the species as ‘Denisovans’.

“But in this new work with East Asians, we find a second set of Denisovan ancestry that we do not find in the South Asians and Papuans”, Browning added in the statement that, “This Denisovan ancestry in East Asians seems to be something they acquired themselves.”