New Biggest Ever Human Family Tree Includes 13 Million People


New biggest ever human family tree has been just created by a team of scientists that involves 13 million people spanning 11 generations, with the help of interconnection between the online genealogy profiles.

According to new research presented in the journal Science, scientists have made the huge dataset, which is bigger than the total populace in Belgium or Cuba. the new discovery sheds a new light on migration patterns in North America and Europe and also how people from various regions have had married in the past 500 years back.

The interconnected online genealogy profiles were the major part that helped create the great pedigree database that uncovered few interesting information regarding past five centuries. The project was started seven years ago, when a leading scientist Yaniv Erlich, received an email from his long-distance cousin on a family trees sharing website.

Yaniv Erlich, a computational geneticist from the Columbia University was intrigued after asked to allow downloading the data of millions of profiles of people. Then, Erlich created a road map of marriage and death data. While explaining the new discovery, Erlich stated that, “Through the hard work of many genealogists curious about their family history, we crowd sourced an enormous family tree and boom, came up with something unique. We hope that this dataset can be useful to scientists researching a range of other topics.”

Quantitative geneticist, Peter Visscher from the University of Queensland said in a statement that, “The reconstructed pedigrees show that we are all related to each other. This fact is known from basic population history principles, but what the authors have achieved is still very impressive”