The U.S. is at top of Healthcare Utilization Category Rankings


The U.S. is at top of healthcare utilization category rankings, a new study claims. The United States has so far spent a lot more for its healthcare service and it is the most expensive on the planet, for example, they got the first position in coronary artery bypass graft surgeries.

The country’s healthcare spends more than $10,000 a year per person and around 18 percent of all goods and services.

According to co-author Liana Woskie, assistant director of the Harvard Global Health Institute’s strategic initiative on quality, the U.S. does not use more health care than other countries such as Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, and France. Woskie said there are not even too many high-paid specialists in America. Instead, the country uses drugs, tests of higher price tags, as well as office visits and administration.

During the study, Woskie and her colleagues used comprehensive data and compared it with 10 other leading countries. They found that as compared to other leading countries, the United States has more doctors and nurses and similar rates of treatment.

“We need to better understand why prices are so high and dive into that into much more detail, because some of the previous explanations may not actually be what’s driving the U.S.’s spending,” she said.

The U.S. had spent $1,443 per person on pharmaceutical compared to other countries that have the range of $466 to $939. It had the highest infant mortality and the lowest life expectancy among all countries.