More Women Need Awareness about Heart Disease, Says American Heart Association


More women need awareness about heart disease, according to the new research conducted by the Morning Consult that followed more than around 1100 women, which shown that many women are still far away from the vital information regarding the major factors involved in the heart diseases.

CVS Health survey has provided all the findings of the study conducted by both Morning Consult and American Heart Association in a partnership. The survey said that ‘Averagely Six in 10 women are unaware of their cholesterol levels (57%), blood sugar levels (58%), BMI (61%), and waist circumference (62%).’

American Heart Association has already been conducting an event known as ‘Go Red For Women’ since 2013 in order to help spread more awareness of the most dangerous – heart disease killing a significant number of women in the United States.

The event helps women recognize the risk of the disease, so that they can be able to prevent the major risk of heart disease. The campaign informs that the vital signs of the heart attack occur in women involve chest pressure, pain, fatigue and nausea.

Dr. Kathleen Braddy, Essentia Health Cardiologist from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, said in a statement that, “Having decrease energy, not being able to make it up the hill or chase their children up the stairs; and so women should really be identifying any new symptoms between your waist and your head as being a sign of a heart attack.

Braddy added that, “This event and the number of people that are here today are encouraging me and others that are here to know that we can work on this. We can decrease deaths from heart disease in women in the Northland.”