Apple launches recycling robot named Daisy


Apple launches recycling robot named Daisy. Apple previously released a recycling robot in 2016 named Liam. Parts to build Daisy can take apart nine different versions of the iPhone.

Daisy developed by Apple engineers. Daisy resides in Apple’s Austin, Texas factory. This will make it easier to reuse and recycle parts of the iPhone.

Along with iPhones apart, it also sorts the reusable components in the process. In an hour, Daisy is able to disassemble 200 iPhones.

The previous methods that have been used to recycle iPhones in the past haven’t been very effective and would destroy valuable components in the process.

Daisy is faster than Liam. It is able to operate more quickly and take apart a much large number of iPhones. At the time it was launched, Liam could take about 1.2 million iPhones a year.

It was built for the iPhone 6 series. If Daisy was allowed to run continuously for 24 hours, it would be able to take 1.7 million iPhones apart in one year.

Now Apple plans to build more version of Daisy in other locations across the country. And it has already announced second Daisy robot to install in Europe.

Apple also mentioned its GiveBack program for recycling old iPhones. It is designed to make it easier to be able to trade in old iPhones. In return, people will receive an Apple Store gift card or get credit towards the purchase of a new device.

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