Ketamine Provides Rapid Care over Depression and Suicidal Thoughts


Ketamine provides rapid care over depression as well as major suicidal thoughts, as the new online review indicates which has been disclosed in The American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP).

The medication basically used in anesthesia ability and maintenance, known as ketamine has proved in a clinical experiment that it is in the form of nasal spray helps provide an instant care over the major symptoms of suicidal thoughts and severe depression.

During a trial study, the patients and doctors observed a notable recovery in just a few hours of the applied treatment and noted significantly reduced symptoms of the patients who were suffering from a critically higher risk of suicide.

“The interesting US study confirmed the findings from successful studies into intravenous ketamine,” said Dr James Stone from Royal College of Psychiatrists, “The main reason for its significance is because this is being developed by a drug company and it’s potentially quite likely that this medication might become available as a treatment available on the NHS for depression.”

Researchers from the Yale University and Janssen Pharmaceutica conducted the experimental research on antidepressant esketamine, which shows that it can be more effectual to overcome the lengthy treatment with conventional antidepressants that lasts for a number of weeks longer for being completely effective.

Dr Robert Freedman, editor at American Journal of Psychiatry said in a statement that, “Protection of the public’s health is part of our responsibility as well, and, as physicians, we are responsible for preventing new drug epidemics. This would allow the treatment to continue to be available to those with need, while the population that is at-risk for abuse is protected from an epidemic of misuse.”