Lack of Sleep Promotes Protein Causing Alzheimer


Lack of sleep promotes protein causing Alzheimer, being worst precursor of the disease, according to the new research indicating a potential association between the higher accumulations of amyloid-beta developing Alzheimer’s disease and deprived sleep for even a single night.

Study author and researcher for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the U.S. National Institute, Ehsan Shokri-Kojori said that, “We certainly show that even one night of sleep deprivation can increase the levels of these harmful beta amyloid compounds. That’s a very logical assumption, I would say, and it’s consistent with prior research.”

Disturbed sleep for a night can be responsible to lead the people suffer through a quick and potentially extended amount of beta amyloid, which is a component clustering the neurons together in order to produce plaques that prevent the ability of human brain to function properly, suggest researchers studied on new findings released by the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.

Moreover, the increased deposits of beta amyloid peptides were detected in the specific regions son the human brain, which play a crucial role in thinking and memory, such as hippocampus that has long been linked to the thalamus and memory. The latest findings also showed that while sleeping, the neurons get shrunk by size and make spaces within the sets of cells to permit the waste materials to be removed from the brain.

Dr Lisa Moscon, who authored the ‘Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power’ stated, “Research has shown that some food will help us age gracefully and keep our mental faculties intact, whereas others increase the risk of dementia substantially.”