T-Mobile cheats people with False ring tones use


    T-Mobile cheats people with False ring tones use. It failed to complete phone call in rural areas. The “Fake ring tones” created the appearance that the calls were going through and no one is picking up.

    Hence, T-Mobile USA has agreed to pay a $40 million fine after admitting its mistake. In order to settle the matter, T-Mobile admits that it violated the Commission’s prohibition against the insertion of false ring tones.

    It accepts that it did not correct problems with delivery of calls to certain rural areas. The FCC said it opened an investigation into T-Mobile after getting “complaints that T-Mobile callers were unable to reach consumers served by three rural carriers in Wisconsin.”

    T-Mobile admitted that it used the fake ring tones on “hundreds of millions of calls” each year, the FCC said. It’s not clear how many of these calls weren’t completed at all, because T-Mobile used the fake ring tones on many types of calls that took longer than usual to complete.

    T-Mobile was already using fake ring tones for several years before that rule took effect. The company continued inserting fake ring tones into calls despite the new rule.

    T-Mobile investigated the complaints as well and filed reports with the FCC describing its investigations. “In each instance, T-Mobile reported that it had handed the call off to an intermediate provider for delivery and that any reported problems had been ‘resolved,'” the FCC said.

    “Call-completion complaints filed directly with T-Mobile showed patterns of problems with call delivery to consumers in at least seven other rural areas,” the FCC said.