Enjoy Annual Free Cone Day


Enjoy Annual Free Cone Day on 8 May. In celebration of Haagen Dazs Shops’ annual Free Cone Day, free scoops of ice cream is given and sorbet from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

The free scoops will be served in a cup, sugar cone or cake cone. All the items are limited to one per guest. In return of this treat the shop hopes customers will learn more about honey bees and donate to their unfortunate situation.

“This Free Cone Day is an opportunity to say thanks to loyal fans of shop, and we want to continue to recognize the pollinators that make our ice cream possible,” said Adam Hanson, company president and general manager.

The company notes that bees play a critical role in producing ingredients used in more than a third of its ice cream flavors. “With this year marking the 10th anniversary of the brand’s honey bee support, we wanted to build on that information and encourage everyone to band together for this important cause,” Hanson said.

In the three ways to support the bees first is try one of the many bee dependent ice cream flavors available at Haagen Dazs Shops. Second way is learn more through “The Extraordinary Honey Bee VR” experience and spreading the word.

Third way is to donating the Xerces Society to help reach a goal of planting 1 million acres of habitat for bees at www.xerces.org/hd.