Tesla Model S crash killed two Florida teens


    Tesla Model S crash killed two Florida teens when it hit a concrete wall and burst into flames. The National Transportation Safety Board has send four investigators for investigation.

    Two high school students were killed in crash and a third 18 year old was ejected from the vehicle and transported to a local hospital. The 2014 Model S was in a residential zone with a 35 mile an hour limit. Hence the speed is responsible for the crash.

    “NTSB has a long history of investigating emerging transportation technologies, such as lithium-ion battery fires in commercial aviation, as well as a fire involving the lithium-ion battery in a Chevrolet Volt in collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,” NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt said in a statement.

    “The goal of these investigations is to understand the impact of these emerging transportation technologies when they are part of a transportation accident,” he said.

    Tesla, based south of San Francisco in Palo Alto, California, did not respond to an immediate request, however issued a statement that it had so far not been able to retrieve a vehicle identification number which would allow the company to access the car’s computer logs.

    This is the second time in recent months that a Tesla accident has drawn the attention of the NTSB, which is still investigating a March Model X crash, that killed its driver. That vehicle was in Autopilot mode when it hit a concrete barrier.